PBA’s The Claim You Didn’t Know About

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Are you aware of PBA reclaims and how this is the next huge mis-selling scandal set to impact the financial industry. UK consumers have already begun to reclaim these charges from their banks and with the claims becoming more well advertised you can be sure to see more and more people set to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. You too can be one of the thousands that has reclaimed their PBA by starting your search today for free!

What Is A PBA (Packaged Bank Account)?

This is the bundle with which you could have taken up a new bank account with. This often comes in the form of gold, premium, platinum accounts etc. These packaged bank accounts offer a range insurance policies and additional extras which although sounding seductive come at a premium in the form of monthly payments.

Why Am I Able To Reclaim My PBA

In September 2012 the FCA published evidence of the banks poor practice for selling their products, the findings showed that the banks sales staff were driven to sell PBA through risky incentive schemes, rewards and commission, all contributed to the mis-selling of these types of accounts.

It’s Never Been Easier To Reclaim Your Historical PPI & PBA Together

Have You Been Mis-Sold A PBA

Basically, if you have extras on your account which are not suitable for you, or you were not aware of the features on the account, then you may be able to claim. It’s now easier than ever to do a free search!

Things to look for when looking to reclaim PBA:

  • Additional charges on your monthly statement
  • If you have been upgraded to a fee paying bank account
  • The full costs of your packaged bank account were never explained
  • You were advised you had to upgrade your account if you wanted to benefit from an overdraft
  • You had to have a PBA to be offered preferential loan/Mortgage rates
  • You did not request all of the products that came with your account
  • There was no discussion as to whether you were eligible to claim on the policies
  • You have tried to make a claim on the insurances, and found that you were not covered
  • You tried to cancel the account but forced to keep it

Check If You Have An Outstanding PBA Claim For Free

With the reality being that a vast majority of consumers were actually better of with a basic free account it was clear that there had been an environment of highly targeted bank employees signing up consumers who didn’t actually require such premium accounts.

Free PBA Check

There are nationally stored bank records of previous/current PBA account holders and all UK residents are eligible to check their eligibility to reclaim these historical PBA fees for free and begin the reclaim process. Should PBA be discovered and you wish not to continue the claim this is completely at your discretion as the service is completely free of charge and with no obligation to pursue further. Such services enable UK consumers to easily begin the reclaim process and join thousands of PBA account holders the banks have already paid out.

Did you have a Packaged Bank Account? Are you owed £1000, £2,500 or even more?
Check for free today….It could be the most profitable 30 seconds you use all year!

Here’s how to check

    1. Click your location on the map below to get your FREE PPI Check.
    2. Simply enter your details.
    3. It’s easy and only takes around 30 seconds to do.

What’s more You

    1. Don’t need any old statements.
    2. Won’t receive nuisance unsolicited calls.
    3. Won’t miss out on claiming what is rightfully yours.



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This advertorial is sponsored by PPI Register. PPI Register is a trading style of Red Star Financial Management Ltd.
Red Star Financial Management Limited, St Georges House, Peter Street, Manchester, M2 3NQ, is registered in England (Company No ) and is regulated by the Red Star FM Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities (CRM22115); its registration is recorded on the website www.gov.uk/moj/cmr

*When we tell you that we have located your PPI we will send you some further paperwork to complete to start the claims process. Once you return the paperwork or confirm over the telephone that you wish us to proceed with your claim we will commence the claims process and if the claim is successful our fee of 35% +VAT will be payable as per the Terms of Engagement or you can complete the claim yourself.


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